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Sun-dried tomatoes olives and capers in extra-virgin olive oil

Carefully selected tomatoes with good fleshiness and a right...

In oil

Offering best known salted variety, our capers in olive oil are undoubtedly one of the most sought and coveted delicacies. Iconic Pantelleria caper is officially the best seasoning in the world and grows exclusively on the small island of Mediterranean sea.

Sons of the wind, the sun and a land both arid and fascinating, our capers in oil are a very tasty ingredient to any dish. Given their small size, Italian capers in oil retain all unique characteristics of crunchy and tasty consistency providing extra flavour to any salad, meat or fish dish, amazing for dressing croutons for an aperitif.

Enrich your table even more: in addition to delicious capers in extra-virgin oil for sale, we also recommend trying our other specialties such as caper leaves. Less known products than the capers in olive oil, leaves of the plant that originate from precious green treasures, crunchy and firm, very tasty with a very pleasant sour note, ideal for garnishing dishes and adding a special touch to any fish, meat or vegetables dish.

Among other specialties in oil it is certainly worth mentioning the caper berries, the real fruits of the caper plant and our offers for dried tomatoes and mixes specifically designed for aperitifs, such as Pantesco appetizer and dried tomato mix, olives and capers, all preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

For the conservation of out Italian capers we use only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, to ensure an explosion of unparalleled flavours!

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