The farming company

Our history

Our historical roots go way back in time and place.
They are deeply entrenched in the soil of a remote Island, isolated from the world...
Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio actually set up their Caper Production farm in Pantelleria as far back as 1949.

About us

When the founders Antonio and Girolamo passed away, their sons garnered the heritage of their fathers’ painstaking and precious toil and entrusted it to Gabriele Lasagni, who carried out extensive studies and research on the raw materials that Pantelleria is endowed with and now manages La Nicchia with a passion.
Sixty years on, ours is the only farming company in Pantelleria that operates as a Farm, a Caper Processing Plant, and a Specialty Food Laboratory.
Working with us in Pantelleria are Giovanni, Simone e Mauro at the Caper Processing Plant, Maurizio, Nicola, Federica, Aldo e Krisztina at the Specialty Food Laboratory, and Filippo at the Farm.

Our job

- To do our utmost to preserve a culture tied to the land and set an example in fostering a culture firmly anchored to the ground but with a mind and heart turned toward the sky.
- To invest in the local area in order to keep alive the history and the present of an Island that is in danger of forgetting its true assets.
- To grow, select, respect and offer in the simplest yet most elegant way the raw materials that this harsh land bestows on those who work so hard to reap them.

Our brand name

“La Nicchia”, literally ‘The Niche’, symbolizes the value of an area by way of an image and a name that call to mind something to be preserved with care and dedication.
“La Nicchia” offers not merely the Island's typical products but a selection of the best raw materials from our lands, using the simplest possible methods to process them and respecting their uniqueness.

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