Storage and Use

One of key rules of dealing with caper products both harvested or desalted how to store capers so that they do not lose their features. We tend to recommend two main methods of preserving them: salted and oiled.

How to preserve capers of Pantelleria is extremely important. The importance lies precisely in being sure to preserve its qualities: after all, these are the buds of a plant which, separated from the plant itself, would tend to decay. Let's see the two most common preservation methods for Pantelleria capers.

How to store capers in salt

The process is certainly not the most difficult: capers must be deprived of their stem if present.

The next step is to get a glass jar with an airtight lid, taking into account that the final volume will be determined by the quantity of capers plus the quantity of coarse salt to preserve them.

Once the coarse salt has been prepared and the capers are well dried, just create a first layer of salt on the bottom of the jar. Attention! The layer of salt must completely cover the bottom, creating a bed of salt for the capers. In this way, the first capers poured into the jar will surely be in contact with the salt, improving the quality of conservation.

After the layer of salt, a layer of capers is created, not too high, then alternate layers of salt and capers up to the opening margin of the jar, which must be closed with a generous layer of salt.

After that close the jar and store it in a cool, dry place for at least 40 days. Remember to stir the contents of the jar from time to time at least every week so that all the capers can come into contact with the salt. After 40 days, the capers will have reached their maturity, you can then proceed to drain them from the brine that has been created, let them dry for a while and then proceed to salt them again as indicated above. With this procedure you will bring the capers to their maturity to keep them ready to eat for at least two years, even if we hope you will finish them much sooner!

How to preserve capers in oil

This one is a pretty straightforward process. Also in this case it is necessary to go through the salting phase and then the rinsing of the caper to remove all traces of salt and water and proceede with acidification by vinegar.

Put capers into a jar and fill it, without pressing them together, then pour in extra virgin olive oil until it is completely covered. Wait a few minutes, then check the oil level. If necessary, top it up. After 1-2 days, periodically check that the oil level is always sufficient to completely cover the capers: if not, add more oil to completely cover them.

When you want to consume capers, just take the desired amount of capers and drain the excess oil before adding them to dishes.

La Nicchia knows how to store capers in salt and oil using traditional and genuine methods: capers in salt are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large in 90-gram jars or larger bags. The real protagonist is certainly our real delicacy - capers with sea salt. Also do not forget to try our delicious capers with one and only extra virgin olive oil.

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