Caper Leaves

Unique caper plant does not exhaust its culinary potential with its buds. Caper leaves are also very popular yet less known product that deserves its role in the culinary field.

Caper leaves got beautiful deep green colour, fleshy and firm, with an excellent balance between the acidulous note and the typical sapidity of the plant. However, the leaves are not ready to be eaten as soon as they are picked: the simplest way is to blanch and use them as a complement to a normal salad. We carefully collected and selected them to be processed and made particularly crunchy in caper leaves recipe.

How to use the caper leaves

Organoleptic characteristics of leaves make them suitable for enriching any dish. Recipes with caper leave bind particularly well with meat and fish cooked in the way you prefer. Furthermore, they are also very tasty to accompany both cooked and raw vegetable dishes. We recommend tasting them fried in batter.

How to store caper leaves

Storage of caper leaves is quite simple. Among the various possibilities of caper leave preservation, extra virgin olive oil is the best choice. Once collected and selected and after a maturation period, the leaves should be rinsed with running water. Subsequently, is necessary proceed with acidification by vinegar, so they can be stored in a glass jar without pressing them, then pouring extra virgin olive oil until they are completely covered, then close the jar and store it in a dry place. After a few days, it is necessary to check the oil level sufficient to cover the leaves. If it is not, it is necessary to top up with more extra virgin olive oil.

When you want to consume caper leaves, just drain the excess oil from the individual leaves and use them to garnish and flavour each dish.

Now you know how to use and store caper leaves. La Nicchia produces a wide variety of typical products in oil, including the unique recipes of caper leaves in extra virgin olive oil. There is nothing left to do but… eat! Enjoy your meal!

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