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Almond Biscuits Antonio Mattei

Prato Biscuits - also commonly known as cantucci or cantuccini - are part of the Tuscany confectionery tradition that sees them as a perfect end meal in combination with Vinsanto.
Since 1858 our biscuits have been baked daily and packed in the classic Blu Mattei bag.
Prepared with - flour, sugar, almond, eggs and pine nuts - they do not contain preservatives, animal fats or vegetable fats.
Recommended pairings:
in addition to the classic vinsanto, perfect also with soft grappa.
For a small snack, with coffee or cappuccino.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour, sugar, ALMOND 20%, free range EGGS, PINE NUTS. May contain BUTTER, SOY, PISTACHIOS and HAZELNUTS.

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