Opera Mastra by Ursini


This Blend represents the excellence of our productions having passed very strict standard of quality.

Return: on average 14 litres of extra virgin olive oil per 100 Kg of olives.

Harvest Period: 18-20 October (Cucco); 20-25 October (Leccino); first week of November (Crognalegno); first week and third week of November (two different lots of Gentile).

Harvest and Processing Harvest by hand with the help of little shakers, olives are put in 20 Kg boxes with holes and taken to our mill within 4 hours. They are immediately worked at the oil mill, with a hammer olive-press and closed tight kneading machines, in absence of oxygen, then extracted with chill.

Produced Quantity: It depends upon the year’s harvest, but it’s on an increasing average of 22.000 500 ml bottles a year.

Conservation: it develops in small steel cisternes. After decanting twice and without filters, the olive oil is bottled in February.

Ingredients: Gentile from Chieti 55%, Crognalegno 20%, Leccino 15%, Cucco 10%.

weight: 500ml.

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