Breadsticks with Pantelleria flavors

Ingredients for about 30 pieces:

250 g of Type 1 flour

160 g of spelled flour

30 g of oat flour

30 g of buckwheat flour

30 g of fine cornmeal

30 g of chopped dried caper berries

340 g of water

25 g of extra virgin olive oil

12 g of brewer's yeast

10 g of salt

1 tablespoon of oregano from Pantelleria

2 teaspoons of Zibibbo syrup



Mix the flours in a large bowl, then add the oregano, 20 g of chopped caper berries grains and the crumbled yeast.

Pour almost all the water (about 300g) and the zibibbo syrup and start mixing with a spoon until all the ingredients are well blended.

Add the salt and the remaining water and continue to knead with your hands, once incorporated, add the oil and continue kneading.

Transfer the dough to a lightly floured cutting board and knead until smooth and elastic, transfer it to an oiled bowl and cover it with cling film and let it rise until doubled about 2 hours.

After the time has elapsed, overturn the dough on a cutting board sprinkled with a little corn flour and form a rectangle of about 26x32 cm and about 1 cm high, sprinkle it with another little corn flour and the remaining caper berries grain and crush them lightly. inside the dough.

Then cut strips of dough about 1 cm wide and gently pull them at the ends and arrange them on the baking sheet.

Leave the breadsticks to rest for 30 minutes then bake them in a convection oven at 180 ° for 25/30 minutes or until crispy.

They can be kept well closed in a bag for several days.



- Gianfranco Allari -