Polenta flavored with capers and seasonal vegetables

Ingredients for 4 people:

For the polenta cream

1 liter of water

200 g of Bramata corn flour (preferably stone ground)

40 g of organic caper paté

Extra virgin olive oil

8 g of coarse salt


For winter vegetables

4 carrots

1 small Sicilian broccoli

1 fennel

½ red cabbage

1 tablespoon of organic capers in extra virgin olive oil

Organic caper leaves in extra virgin olive oil q.s.

1 teaspoon of fluid honey

½ teaspoon sweet paprika

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper



Prepare the vegetables, peel the carrots with the potato peeler, divide the fennel into 8 wedges after removing the outer sheath, always divide the cabbage into wedges and the broccoli into tops, emulsify the salt and pepper in a bowl with a fork , the paprika, the oil and the honey, then brush the vegetables and arrange them on a baking tray, then put them in the oven at 190° for about 45/50 minutes or until they are golden brown and crunchy.

In the meantime, bring the water to the boil in a saucepan with the coarse salt, then pour in the flour, stirring with a whisk, bring it back to the boil and continue cooking over a very low heat for 45/50 minutes with the saucepan covered and now and then. At the end, add the caper paté and mix everything well and adjust the flavor if needed, then pour the polenta into a large dish or in bowls, arrange a few capers and some leaves on top, cover with the vegetables and complete with other capers and a few leaves and serve immediately.

- Gianfranco Allari -


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