Scallops with Asparagus, Capers and Almonds

Ingredients for 4 people:

12 scallop nuts

16 green asparagus (about 500g)

60 g of centrifuge butter

40 g of peeled almonds

40 g of Pantelleria IGP capers with organic sea salt

Salt and pepper


Desalinate the capers very well in water, in the meantime remove the hard part from the asparagus and peel them with a potato peeler starting from under the tip, finally blanch them for a few minutes in boiling salted water, drain and cool them immediately in water and ice , to stop cooking and fix the colour.

Clean the scallops by removing the coral (which can be used for other preparations) and the neo thread then wash them under running water and pat dry with kitchen paper.

Coarsely chop the almonds then brown them in a pan over medium heat with almost all the butter, add the drained capers and continue cooking for another minute, then add the rest of the butter and the asparagus and brown them well in the cooking liquid.

Transfer the asparagus with almost all of the cooking liquid to the plates and quickly brown the scallops in a pan after seasoning them with salt and pepper, turning them after about 1 minute.

Arrange the scallops on top of the asparagus, add the rest of the sauce and serve immediately.

- Gianfranco Allari -


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